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Name:Nick Gant | Push
Nick Gant: "You said the future's always changing."
Cassie Holmes: "[...]What are you going to do?"
Nick Gant: "Make a better one."

As a child, Nick's father, a powerful mover, was vigorously being hunted by Division men. When Nick was young, he and his father ran from Division men hot on their trail. Inside a building, Nick's father pulled them into a room, where he told his son that a watcher told him that if Nick ever met a girl with a flower, to do what she said. As Nick tried to comment, his father told him to not question it. As Division banged on the door, he said his goodbyes to Nick, and as they entered the room, he moved his son into the vents. Nick hid in there, and saw as Division killed his father. He then ran off.

Nick eventually learned of the way the world is like for a psychic, learning of Divisions ways, psychic names and terms, and how to keep his powers secret.

Nick eventually, while living in Hong Kong, began to gamble with locals in the nearby basketball court, getting himself into depths but In 2009, in the morning, Nick met them again, gambling with some dice. Nick bet a lot on this, and was unlucky for his dice were not able to meet what he needed. They made a deal, that if he won this next roll they'd kill him. He, however, quickly moved the next roll of dice in the right position, and won. The men then preceded to chase him, Nick darting away from them.

After escaping them and reaching his apartment, Division Sniffs had already entered, examining his room. Nick questioned why they were here, displaying no fear. They explained of a recently escaped Psychic who they were performing an experiment on to ingest her with a serum that would expand her powers. Surprisingly, it worked, and the Sniffs were investigating if Nick was holding her. Nick assured them he didn't have them, but they continued to harass him, doubting his claim. Nick eventually got them to leave, and decided he needed to sprint from the city to escape from Division. He began gathering his things, including his gun.

Nick, suddenly, received a call from a girl, Cassie Holmes, who told him to open up. he did so, and she walked in, casually, going to the fridge to grab some chicken. Nick was surprised by her present and asked of her reasons for being there, to which she answered by telling him she knew how to get Seven Million dollars, displaying to him her drawing describing such. The two went out to get food at a restaurant in a Fish Market, where he discussed their mission with Cassie further.

Nick eventually got up to leave. Suddenly, though, the Pop Gang appeared, commanding them to tell them to give them the information they know about the missing Division escapee.

Due to his immense injuries from the Screamer attack, Cassie took Nick to a healing hut. There, an old companion of Cassie's mother, Teresa Stowe, appeared and stitched him. Sore and uneasy, Nick woke up minutes later after Teressa left. He described his feelings at the moment, that he felt better. The two conversed over the actual purpose of their mission and of their past. They then left the hut to go.

As a mover, Nick has the abilty to move things with his mind. This is called telekinesis. He can move an object with concentration. Also, he can deflect things, by creating a force field and telekinectly enhance his punches.

Movers are powerful telekinetics who are trained to identify the specific atomic frequency of a given material and alter the gravitational field around it, usually causing the nearby air to appear warped. This allows them to move both animate and inanimate objects. Advanced Movers can work at the molecular level, creating Energy shields in the air around them or create Power Fists and kicks, a strike that delivers 3x the power than a punch delivered normally.

Movers can manipulate inanimate objects at varying distances. The actual technique is known as kinetic signature control, where the mover is trained to hear and identify the specific atomic frequency of any given material, and alter the gravity wave around it, usually producing the nearby air to appear "warped".

Movers vary greatly in their ability, including the objects they can affect, their weight, and to what distance. As a general rule, movers remotely guide objects with hand movements, and they cannot lift any object greater than their own body weight. Some movers are also "tone deaf" to the frequency of certain materials and cannot affect them at all - this weakness is often exploited.

[Nick Gant is from the 2009 movie Push and does not belong to me. Chris Evans also is not mine. Muse, mun, and pb as well are all well over the age of eighteen.]
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